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Aquaculture system design consultants

Pure Aquatics are aquaculture system design consultants and have over 40 years combined experience in the industry being involved with many different aquatic applications.

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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

The Recirculating Aquaculture Systems principle is based on the re-use of water. Recirculating Aquaculture Systems rely on different water treatment techniques to maintain an optimal water quality for the species being cultured. The interest in recirculation farms is still growing and the filtration techniques are constantly evolving, with a focus on more energy efficient and cost effective solutions.

The urge for RAS started when the demand for intensive aquaculture increased. RAS makes it possible to produce large amounts of fish with a small footprint and a minimal amount of water. Currently the water use of recirculating systems can be as low as 0.3 m3 water / kg feed resulting in an hourly degree of recirculation of >99%.

To be able to maintain proper water quality a cascade of water treatment steps need to be installed in the farm. System set-ups can change per species, but the main treatment processes consist of mechanical filtration, biological filtration, CO2 removal, O2 addition, recirculating pumps and some form of disinfection. In addition to this it is important to be able to control at least the pH and temperature of the water. Fish can be grown faster and with a better food conversion ratio compared to extensive fish farming because of this high amount of control over the water parameters. Furthermore, farming in a closed system on-land results in increased bio-security and a higher flexibility in site selection.

Aquaculture system design consultants

Aquaculture system design consultants

Live seafood holding

Pure Aquatics live seafood holding systems are designed specifically for each application.  We provide the most suitable culture tank shapes and configurations for your project, and then fully engineer all the life supporting equipment including bio-filtration, protein fractionators, pump/filter skids, ultraviolet disinfection, ozone disinfection systems, temperature management.

We can provide facility layout plans including plan and elevation drawing sets, equipment pads, and tank support forms.  We work directly with architects, engineers, and contractors to insure the infrastructure meets the criteria required for the systems.

We have YSI water quality monitoring and management systems that provide real time monitoring, control, and alarming of basic, yet critical, water chemistry parameters.

All our systems combine cost effective, high-density capability with time proven energy efficient equipment to provide you with best system for your money.

Aquaculture system design consultants

Aquarium and Oceanariums

Pure aquatics have the expertise and resources to supply effective filtration and LSS systems for any Aquaria system, large or small. Whether you have a display tank requiring a single piece of equipment, or need a filtration system for multiple Aquaria, we can design what you need. From Import fish Quarantine systems, Retail Aquarium holding systems, University and research tank systems, or a single display aquarium, we can size and supply whatever you need.

Pure aquatics unique combination of across industry experience allows us to view your operation with fresh eyes and from unique angles, which helps to present a solution and add value to your company or project. This may be as simple as providing an outsourced project review team through to more detailed business planning, product development or full system (processing, water treatment, etc) design.


 Aquaponics merges aquaculture, the raising of aquatic animals, with hydroponics, growing plants in water. Aquaponics can be located in urban areas, or your backyard and provide all of the benefits of growing your own food. Combined with our innovative filters and filtration systems, your small scale or home aquaponics environment will be able to grow healthy, nutrient-rich crops and fish in a small footprint, using minimal water.

Pure Aquatics recommends a decoupled system design. Decoupling the system means that the fish and the plants are not in a continual loop. Instead, nutrients are

captured and concentrated for use in fertilising your plants. Decoupled aquaponics systems take advantage of these benefits:

. Highest efficiency configuration

. Lowest water use

. Less crop and animal risk

. Compact design in a small footprint

. Less plumbing

. Predictable, consistent operation

What does that all mean? Less worry, less plumbing, faster setup, and more time farming!

Aquaculture system design consultants


Wastewater (or waste water) is any type of water that has been affected by human use. Wastewater is “used water from any combination of domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities, surface runoff or stormwater, and any sewer inflow or sewer infiltration”. Therefore, wastewater is a by-product of domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities. The characteristics of wastewater vary depending on the source: domestic wastewater from households, municipal wastewater from communities (also called sewage) or industrial wastewater from industrial activities. Wastewater can contain physical, chemical and biological pollutants.

Households may produce wastewater from flush toilets, sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, bathtubs and showers. Dry toilets produce less wastewater than those that use flush toilets.

Wastewater may be conveyed in a sanitary sewer which conveys only sewage. Alternatively, it can be transported in a combined sewer which includes stormwater runoff and industrial wastewater. After treatment at a wastewater treatment plant, the treated wastewater (also called “effluent”) is discharged to a receiving water body. The terms “wastewater reuse” or “water reclamation” apply if the treated waste is used for another purpose. Wastewater that is discharged to the environment without suitable treatment causes water pollution.

Aquaculture system design consultants

Research and education

Pure Aquatics Aquaculture system design consultants have the expertise and resources to supply effective filtration and Life Support Systems for any Aquaria system, large or small. Whether you have a display tank requiring a single piece of equipment, or need a filtration system for multiple Aquaria, we can design what you need. From Import fish Quarantine systems, Retail Aquarium holding systems, University and medical research tank systems, or educational racks for class room learning we can size and supply whatever you need.

 Consultation services

With a team of experienced aquaculture consultants, Pure Aquatics provide detailed system design, equipment recommendations and onsite consultancy combining a complete solution package. Our extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of aquatic system design and operation means that when you contact us, you can be confident that we can recommend the appropriate course of action to deliver you the best results on time and in budget. Our resources are extensive. We base our design and product recommendations from the most up to date research and industry developments, as well as our own in-house research and development, and collaboration with industry bodies and experts, research facilities and customers. We also offer technical support and consultation on system operation’s, livestock management and husbandry, water quality maintenance and a full range of training and procedure manuals to suit your application.