Microbial Supplements


Pure Aquatics Bacteria for Microbial Water remediation provide a full spectrum of organisms for biological assimilation of solid and dissolved wastes.

Extensive pond based systems





Wastewater treatment


Micro+ is a blend of several species of gram positive Probiotic bacteria that help to control disease, assimilate waste and biologically clean aquatic environments.

Supplied in a concentrated liquid it can be dosed directly or bloomed out pond side for larger volumes with the addition of a concentrated nutrient solution.

Nitrifying Bacteria

NMI+ is a blend of nitrifying bacteria that been isolated from functioning and stabilised freshwater and saltwater aquatic systems. NMI+ is used to inoculate biofilters quickly and effectively.

Together with a specially formulated nutrient profile, biofilters can now be started effectively  and cultured to a level to replicate the ammonia production of equal to that of the stock to be introduced.

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