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Colorite Aerotube diffuser tubing provides effective diffused aeration at a low cost due to its high porosity and low pressure loss.

Just like normal diffusers, Colorite Aerotube diffuser tubing offers fine to medium sized bubbles that are ideal for aeration and degassing.

Colorite Aerotube diffuser tubing is available:

Per meter

Per roll (60 meters)

Self weighted diffusers of various shapes and lengths for culture tanks and small ponds


Airlifts – floating and complete with blowers or without for connecting to centralised aeration systems


Standard bubble size of 1-3mm in freshwater

Bubble size approx 1mm in saltwater

61gm’s of oxygen in freshwater and 151gm’s in saltwater per meter per hour at a depth of 1 meter.

37lpm of air flow per meter of tube to operate

Can be run by lower pressure high output compressors or air blowers

Higher oxygen transfer at greater water depth

Why is Colorite Aerotube diffuser tubing so good? Compared to paddle wheels at only 0.9kg’s of oxygen per horsepower this represents significant increases in efficiency for aeration systems.

Because Colorite Aerotube has such a low pressure loss, it is perfect for use with side channel blowers and linear air compressors. For more information on the blowers and air pumps we sell please visit our aeration page.


– Anti fouling properties– Mixing and circulation of bottom water creating both horizontal and vertical mixing throughout the pond– De-stratification, equalizing temperature and dissolved oxygen– Oxygenation of bottom sediment in ponds due to high volume mixing– Directional flow in tanks and ponds with the use of airlifts and directional plates– Low energy costs compared to other aeration technologies– Reusable and long lifespan, easily cleaned– Available in a variety of configurations such as prefabricated diffusers, per meter, in grids and pre fabricated airlifts and diffuser rings– 3rd party validated oxygen transfer rate, OTE%’s and quality construction 


– Small and Large volume airlifts for recirculating aquaculture systems– Airlifts and complete aeration systems for aquaculture ponds– In tank aeration and degassing– Aeration systems for recirculating aquaculture systems– Water storage aeration– Live seafood system aeration– Wastewater and remediation pond aeration– Biofloc