Innovaqua Feeders

Pure aquatics supplies a range of Innovaqua Mirafeed feeders, industry leaders in aquaculture feeding systems for crumbled, microcapsulated and pellet feed varying in size from 50 microns to 10mm in size.

High accuracy, control and precision feeding

Simple handling, easy cleaning and compact

Single engine allows multiple applications

Feed from 50 microns to 10 mm.

Suitable for Hatcheries, ongrowing plants and research centers

Designed to prevent high humidity conditions and splashes

Designed to avoid vault and caking problems

Works with other 240v Feeder Controllers

A single engine allows for multiple applications 

Easy conversion between models with the conversion kits

Easy conversion between units with the conversion kits. 

A single engine allows multiple applications with a wide variety of accessories to configure depending on the feed size and application. 

Designed with specific accessories to avoid the vault effect when used with small grain and high fat feed. 

Several dosing sizes from 50 microns to 10mm per dose. Electric or compressed air spreaders. Works with safe voltage to 24VAC

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