Gareth Barber

At Pure Aquatics we are proud to welcome aboard our newest member of the team Gareth Barber  to assist you in making the right choice for your application whether it be small or large, hobby or commercial.

Gareth comes to Pure Aquatics with a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with a wide range of aquatic related applications. Growing up and living on the Hastings river on the Mid North Coast of NSW he developed a passion for fishing and everything aquatic. Gareth started his journey with fish in his early teenage years, breeding many different species of aquarium fish which then evolved into a career in Aquarium and Aquaculture design and consultation where his skill set is invaluable.

Gareth’s specialities are in filtration and aquaculture system sizing and design, water chemistry, an almost infinite product knowledge, aquatic research and development, biological water remediation and aeration system design to list a few, and much more.

His role at Pure Aquatics covers everything from sales to system design and most importantly, customer technical support and assistance.

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