Greenco Side Channel Blowers

GreenCo Side Channel blowers, produced by Zhejiang Greenco Industry Co Ltd was established in 2001, and are located in the South eastern Coast of Zhejiang. They have already become professionals in designing and manufacturing ring blowers and air compressors in China.

They have powerful technology, precise inspection devices and have introduced an advanced assembly line and equipment, imported and taken in advanced international technology for their production.

Flows from 50 – 2,500 m3/h
Delivery Pressures up to +1000 mbar
Vacuum up to -800 mbar

The Side Channel Blower principle allows oil-less and contactless compression of pumped gases, enabling a low maintenance, contaminant free pumping environment. Side Channel blowers are low in noise level alternative to PD blowers. There are many applications which require positive pressure air and suction.


They strictly practice the CE and ISO9001 quality standard in production to make us an enterprise of science and technology.


Like all side channel blowers, GreenCo Side Channel blowers produce large volumes of air at relatively low pressure. Through GreenCo’s extensive research and development, we are able to offer a wide and extensive range of blowers.

Because of Pure Aquatics friction loss sizing programs and plumbing design experience, we are therefore able to offer an aeration system design utilising the most suitable blower for the application to offer the ultimate in efficiency.


Dynavac, the importers of Greenco offer the world’s most complete and up-to-date range of Side Channel blowers. Our family of blower ranges offer delivery flows of up to 2,500 m3 per hour and discharge pressures of up to 1000 mbar. The Dynavac family of side channel blowers includes the following ranges:

  • Dynavac 2RB series: Original series, 1-stage and 2 stage impellor versions
  • Dynavac 3RB series: High Pressure series, 1-stage, 2-stage and 3 stage impellor versions
  • Dynavac 4RB series: High delivery, high pressure series,1-stage, 2-stage and 3 stage impellor versions
  • Low pressure, high output
  • Available in single stage, 2 stage and 3 stage configurations for a variety of pressure ranges
  • Manufactured from high quality die cast aluminium
  • 2RB and 3RB ranges now available in IE2 high efficiency format

 2RB single phase flow curves 2RB 3 phase flow curves 3RB/4RB flow curves