Hel-x FLake


Surface area 5,500m2/m3

Size 30mm x 1mm

Hel-X medias are a powerhouse in MBBR  carrier design, from conventional style carrier elements to trickle filter media and the incredibly high surface area FLAKE, there is a media for every application.

The HEL-X FLAKE boasts a improved surface area of over 5,500m2/m3, with higher TAN removal than ever before.

The HEL-X company was the first company to develop this type of media carrier, and has invested significant time and resources into research of their flake product, resulting in a cost effective but equally impressive removal performance compared to other high surface area biomedia types.

Pore size, circulation, biofilter design and overall substrate concentration and diffusion across the biofilms determine the removal rates in the system, and this goes hand in hand with surface area. The volume of surface area and pore distribution within and one the carrier element is only one part of the equation, too much porosity, size of pores and not enough cleaning of the media can negatively impact waste removal in some cases.

HEL-X FLAKE can be used solely in a biofilter, or, as we prefer to use the media, as a mix in certain ratios to boost biofilter removals and result in lower effluent concentrations.

As most MBBR’s in Aquaculture are only filled to 50% void volume, HEL-X FLAKE can be deployed to fill the further 10% of the reactor volume (totaling 60%) to boost biofilter TAN removal.

HEL-X FLAKE is available in either a black re-granulate (recycled) product, or a virgin (white) HDPE.

Pure Aquatics represent HEL-X in Australia and New Zealand and distribute on demand other carrier element types from HEL-X should you have a specific requirement.

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