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Hi-Blow Linear Air compressors

Techno Takatsuki was the first to create electromagnetic diaphragm air pumps with the launch of the Hiblow Diaphragm Air compressor series air pumps in 1967. Since that time they has produced over 12 million units and remain the leading innovator of this electromagnetic diaphragm technology.

HIBLOW advanced technology has been applied to create highly durable, high quality, low noise and power efficient solutions for an expanding range of technical applications in over 40 countries worldwide.

HIBLOW products can be found in a diverse array of industrial, medical, environmental and consumer related applications. Power efficiency and well-tested rugged reliability makes them ideal for many continuous use indoor and outdoor applications.

For over 60 years, HIBLOW has been recognized as a highly reliable supplier and innovative designer of air pumping technology. Customers include many of the worlds largest and well known companies such as Panasonic, Hitachi, and Sanyo.

The company has been certified to ISO-9001 standards since 1995. This certification was upgraded to ISO-9001:2000 in 2001. As part of our overall corporate commitment to saving our environment, we established an environmental management system under ISO-14001 for the continuous improvement in our impact on the environment.

Hiblow Diaphragm Air compressor


The vibrating mechanism is constructed of an actuating rod supported by two special synthetic rubber diaphragms that vibrates laterally allowing long-term continuous operation.

No lubrication

There are no sliding parts between moving parts and so no lubrication is required and the exhausted air is always clean.

High efficiency

Owing to the electromagnetic vibration construction which eliminates sliding parts, “HIBLOW” pump achieves lower power consumption and high performance.

Compact and powerful

“HIBLOW” air pumps employ perfectly-balanced vibration mechanisms using two electromagnets, one in the front and the other in the rear. This mechanism allows a power output in a compact unit.

Low noise

HIBLOW pumps are quiet in operation.

Smooth air flow

design and dynamics achieve a constant smooth flow of air, reducing pulse output, “HIBLOW” pumps therefore maintain consistent air pressure and supply.

Simple maintenance

“HIBLOW” pumps can be used for longer periods free of maintenance, and a full compliment of easy to replace parts are available.