Lindsay Hopper – (M.App.Sci.Aqua)

Lindsay grew up in a small NSW country town on a dairy farm before heading on a path via agricultural college where he would discover his life’s passion in aquaculture (that and sport of course). Since then Lindsay has been involved with the aquaculture industry for over 26 years including completion of a Masters of Applied Science in Aquaculture at the University of Tasmania. Lindsay as a director of Pure Aquatics is involved with all aspects of the business and works closely with industry and research institutions, both nationally and internationally, with experience including re-circulation system design, project management, installations, engineering, sizing, applying and general aquatic consultancy as well as product development. His work covers virtually the entire industry, including most of the commercially grown species in Australia and overseas, hatchery, grow out (indoor and outdoor) and the live seafood holding and public aquarium fields. Lindsay’s position also involves the acquisition of products by working closely with our overseas manufacturers and suppliers. Lindsay represents Pure Aquatics at conferences and trade shows on a national and international level and has forged strong business and personal relationships throughout the industry.

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