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Live Feed Culture Systems - Industrial Plankton

Founded in 2010, Industrial Plankton Inc. designs and manufactures turnkey bioreactors in Canada for clean, on-site, live plankton production for aquaculture, research lab, and biotechnology uses.

Our technology is optimized for reliability, ease of use, and biosecurity. Customers operate our photobioreactors in 22 countries around the globe. Our equipment is highly automated, increasing reliability and saving operators countless hours.

The result is trustworthy equipment capable of easily and reliably producing biosecure, high-density plankton.

We outgrew our space (again!) so we recently moved to a new facility near the seaport in Victoria, B.C.

2010 – Founded in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada & started intensive R&D on live plankton production
2012 – First commercial 1000L Algae bioreactors (PBR 1000L) installed
2014 – 100L Research Algae bioreactor (PBR 100L) launched
2016 – PBR 1250L is released doubling the phytoplankton production from the PBR 1000L, and making it easier than ever to culture challenging algae like diatoms and haematococcus
2018 – 2500L Dual Algae bioreactor (PBR 2500L) is launched for large volume algae feed and live plankton production
2020 – Office expansion doubling production space to adapt to growing orders