Novozone Corona Ozone Generators

Novozone Corona Ozone Generators

About Novozone Corona Ozone generators

Novozone offers a wide range of domestic and commercial ozone products, consulting and after sales service.Novozone is a system integrator with 15+ years of experience in a wide variety of applications using ozone.The number of Novozone corona ozone generators sold exceeds more than 10,000 ozonators for both domestic and commercial applications.

Our expertise

In 1992, Novozone pioneered the development of a revolutionary corona discharge ozone cell. Novozone patented this new technology and soon began supplying a large number of ozone generators around the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring to market safe eco-friendly water and air sanitizing solutions. Ozone produces no disinfection byproducts (DPB’s) and is environmentally safe.

With headquarters, manufacturing and production facilities in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore, Novozone proudly upholds New Zealand’s clean and green reputation.

Service and repair

Ozone is a powerful oxidiser. Ozone machines need to be serviced in order to maintain peak performance.

We are proud to have the expertise, tools, test equipment and products to maintain these products in top condition. We even service our competitors’ products.

A properly maintained ozone generator used for commercial systems has a typical lifespan of 10 years.


Pure Aquatics bring Novozone corona ozone generators to the Australian Aquaculture market in an effort to supply a quality, reliable and readily available ozone generator.

Pure Aquatics with Novozone have implemented several additions and modifications to the Ozone generator lineup to make them more suitable for aquaculture environments.

Novozone Corona ozone generators range from 100mg per hour to 30gm/hr with larger sizes available on request.


  • Manual variable control on units from 3-30gms/hr generators
  • 4-20mA control options available for 10-30gmhr generators
  • Easy control with an ORP or dissolved ozone monitor
  • Can be run with dry air or pure oxygen (CX series do not require air pre treatment but beenfit from dry air)
  • Housed in a powder coated stainless steel enclosure (anodised aluminium on CX series)
  • Wall mounted
  • Complies to Australian Electrical standards

ModelControlAir flow lpmO3 output on airO2 flow lpmGms/hr on O2Ozone production method
PACX110N/A5-10LPM100mg/hrN/AN/APulse injected corona discharge
PACX260N/A5-10LPM250mg/hrN/AN/APulse injected corona discharge
PACX510N/A5-10LPM500mg/hrN/AN/APulse injected corona discharge
PANX50-CManual Variable control (optional 4-20mA upgrade)5-10 LPM dry air2.555Pulse injected corona discharge
PANX100-CManual Variable control (optional 4-20mA upgrade)N/AN/A510Pulse injected corona discharge
PANX150-CManual Variable control (optional 4-20mA upgrade)N/AN/A515Pulse injected corona discharge
PANX200-CManual Variable control (optional 4-20mA upgrade)N/AN/A920Pulse injected corona discharge
PANX300-CManual Variable control (optional 4-20mA upgrade)N/AN/A930Pulse injected corona discharge
PANX400-CManual Variable control (optional 4-20mA upgrade)N/AN/A1040Pulse injected corona discharge