ozone safe compression fittings

Ozone, while a powerful water quality control mechanism, is difficult to deliver to point of contact due to its oxidative power. Ozone safe compression fittings made from stainless steel or Kynar make this job easy by providing fast installation and reliable connections.

Investing in quality fittings and tube for delivery of ozone makes its use hassle free and provides long term performance

Our 316 Stainless steel Ozone safe compression fittings come with a tightness indicator that snaps off when the optimum tightness is reached. This provides a visual indicator that the fitting has been installed correctly, and also prevents over tightening.

Suitable for use with either Teflon or stainless steel tube in a variety of tube sizes, thread sizes, BSP or NPT and imperial or metric.


Prepare the required fitting composed of body, nut, front & back ferrule, check ring & identification ring.


Insert tube into the fitting fully and finger-tighten nut.


Tighten with appropriate tools until check ring comes off. Done!

Jaco Kynar Ozone safe compression fittings have been used for ozone for many years and continue to be a viable go to for connections for ozone systems.

Jaco Fittings are available in a variety of thread and tube sizes to suit a variety of applications.

Metric 10 Male Connectors 1


Check valves are a vital part of an ozone gas deleivery system to prevent back siphoning of water to the ozone generator.

We have check valves in Stainless steel and Kynar.

Our stainless steel check valves have 1/4″, 1/2″ and 1″ female threads and Viton seals and have a low seal cracking pressure which makes them ideal to use on air systems as well as oxygen gas.

We have two types of Kynar check valves, the Jaco Kynar check valve with male threads and 2 sizes of Barbed check valves in 3/16″ and 1/4″ barb sizes. Both have viton seals.

If choosing to use Kynar check valves, the Jaco Check valve has a higher cracking pressure and is suited for use on system running ozone generators delivering over 2.5PSI of pressure. For lower pressure systems the barbed check vlaves are a more suitable choice.

3/8PVDF Check Valves 2

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