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pH/ORP Monitor and Controller

pH/ORP Monitor and Controller

Pure Aquatics now have a pH/ORP Monitor and Controller that is built to withstand the harsh environments of Aquaculture systems. The Pure Aquatics pH/ORP Monitor is easy to operate and comes pre-wired to suit your control requirements.

Pure Aquatics pH/ORP Monitor and Controller features

Monitor either pH or ORP

Optional temperature probe available for pH

Industrial grade pH and ORP probes with heavy duty plastic body and 20mm thread for pipe mounting

2 internal relays included (comes standard wired to relay 1)

Powered relay (max 2.5amp) and voltage free dry contact control options available

Optional external 15amp relay upgrade available

pH range -0.2 – 16, resolution 0.01, accuracy 0.01

pH 2 or 3 point calibration

ORP range -2000 – +2000mV, resolution 1mV, accuracy 1mV

ORP single point calibration

4-20mA output capability

IP65 Wall mount

240V powered

Perfect for use with our range of ozone generators, or your choice of ozone generator or pH control system.

pH monitoring and control

Monitoring and control of pH produces a more stable environment for not only the culture species but also the nitrifying bacteria in an aquaculture system.

Nitrifying bacteria not only have an optimum pH range (7-8.5 depending on species) but they also utilise the inorganic carbon in the form of carbonate and bi-carbonate from the alkalinity reserve in your water as part of their metabolism.

Without optimum pH, and the inorganic carbon source as part of their metabolic requirements, nitrifying bacteria can become inefficient and with a complete lack of carbonates, pH crashes, nitryfing bacteria die and the biofilter crashes, in some cases leading to catastrophic results.

Manual dosing can be utilised very effectively, whoever using a pH monitor/controller to automatically dose a saturated alkalinity solution to control pH (and kH by proxy) the control of pH in a culture system can produce much more stable results and more stable culture conditions.

ORP Monitoring and control

ORP monitoring and control is commonly used when using ozone generators.

ORP, which is measured in mV (millivolts) when used to measure water quality can be loosely described as an indicator of the cleanliness and quality of your water. The lower the mV rating the lower the water quality, and the higher the mV reading the higher the water quality (and higher the level of oxidants in the water).

It is highly recommended that an ORP controller be used when using ozone as a water quality control solution. ORP can be useful even in systems where ORP is not used as it gives the operator an indication of water quality and can be utilised as another data point in determining water quality and culture conditions.