In the Pure Aquatics Aquaculture Projects Gallery you will find pictures of Installations of Aquatic systems by Pure Aquatics, videos and images from our suppliers internationally, as well as installations of products supplied by Pure Aquatics installed by our customers.


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Barramundi Discovery Center  

CSIRO – Pompano System


Gaden Trout Hatchery 

3D Modeling 

Ridley 5200’s Aeration 

Tassal Prawn Farm Proserpine  

Monsoon (Cairns & Darwin Facility Upgrades) 

Huon Valley Seafood – (Sea Urchin Hatchery) 

Charles Sturt University – Rack Systems & Expansion of Redfin System


Mugenuni Sea Urchin – (Facility Upgrades) 

Dolphin Marine Magic – (Seal Holding Tank & Seawater Intake Pump Upgrade) 

Taronga Zoo – ( PF Maintenance) (Wastewater Treatment) 

King Reef Seafoods – (Degasser)

Charles Sturt University Redfin Research & Rack System

Limestone Coast Fisherman’s Co-Op 

Monsoon Bundaberg initial system design & expansions


Macquarie University – (Guppy Rack) -(Zebrafish Facility Upgrade) –  (Expansion Rack)

Humpty Doo Barramundi –  (Broodstock Upgrades) – (Nursery Upgrades) 

Myanmar Public Aquariums 

AusFish China Consultancy 

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