RK2 High Efficiency pumps

RK2’s vision of creating cost effective energy efficient solutions is unwavering – the RK2 High Efficiency pumps range include their system pumps, Super Pro self primers and the new 3×2-6 System Pump series offer a wide selection of pumps available for almost every application to deliver high efficiency pumping solutions for aquaculture applications.

RK2 High Efficiency pumps


RK2 High Efficiency pumps – Industrial Grade, energy efficient pump solutions.

RK2 Systems pumps are a high efficiency, industrial grade pump. Ideal for your aquaculture, public aquaria or general transfer and recirculation needs – RK2 High Efficiency pumps from the System Pump series produce excellent flow rates at sufficient pressure (head) to really get the job done. The industrial grade noryl housings are built for long term use. Patented motor shaft seal design provides superior corrosion resistance by protecting metal components by contained fluid in the wet end of the pump and from surrounding environment. A strainer pot may be attached to facilitate priming in a suction lift application and to strain debris from the inflow.

RK2 Systems pump features include:

  • Industrial duty non-corrosive construction
  • Outstanding flow to amp design
  • Highest quality motors made in the U.S.A.
  • Impenetra Motor Shaft Seals featuring Carbon Graphite Head, Viton® Trim, Ceramic Mating Ring, Polypropylene Case
  • PVC encapsulated stainless steel shaft
  • 316 stainless steel hardware
  • 1/8HP – 3HP models
  • Low heat transfer, extremely quiet and energy efficient
  • TEFC standard enclosures on all models
  • 50Hz and many voltage configurations available
  • Option to choose single phase or three phase motors


All RK2 Systems pumps are molded out of high-quality glass-filled Noryl®, which gives it many advantages. It is completely saltwater resistant, has excellent tensile strength, very low water absorption, and a continuous temperature rating of 194° F. Engineered for high efficiency, our enclosed impellers will accommodate a wide variety of flow rates and pressure requirements.


RK2 System pump brochure 50hZ


Our Super Pro Series the range of RK2 High Efficiency pumps is the pump you need for your higher flow applications. It not only delivers great flow rates at usable heads, but it does so efficiently! You get the safety and convenience of self-priming along with great energy savings. For ease of use, these pumps have a large strainer basket with an easy open Lexan lid. The specially designed lid and clamp ring insure a positive seal with very little o-ring wear.

Super Pro Pump Features:

  • Outstanding efficiency/ Quite/ Low Heat Transfer
  • 1/4 HP to 5 HP models/ 110 GPM to 340 GPM
  • Self-Priming with an extra-large strainer basket
  • All electrical configurations available
  • Industrial duty non-corrosive construction
  • 3″ x 3″ Union connection for 2″, 2.5″ and 3″ PVC
  • 316 Stainless Steel marine duty hardware, Teflon Coated Seal with SIC Carbide Faces
  • Quality motors – made in the U.S.A./ 3 year warranty


RK2 Super Pro Brochure


RK2 High Efficiency pumps – Non Metallic – High flow pump solutions – Built to last!

Our vision of creating cost effective energy efficient solutions is unwavering – in partnering with MDM, Inc, we are proud to introduce our 3×2-6 System Pump series as part of the range of RK2 High Efficiency pumps. The proven B73lean® design of the 3×2-6 System Pump is lowering total cost of ownership from basic applications to more technologically advanced facilities around the globe. The 3×2-6 System Pump consists of a non-metallic, end-suction centrifugal pump line is designed and engineered to provide highly efficient pumping solutions.


Bulk Compression Molded thermosetting polymers provides our 3×2-6 System Pumps with a set of material properties that are better than metallic or thermoplastic components, including equal or higher strengths and stiffness, higher dimensional stability, and compatibility with many aggressive chemistries.


The 3×2-6 System Pump allows for Wire-to-water efficiencies in the high seventies [78%]. Up to 2-Pole (3450) speeds, the innovative internal pump passages provide optimized balance of flow and pressure. Operation in parallel and series configurations give the end user low-cost solutions for redundancy with massive performance in a small package


3×2 system pump brochure