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Protein Fractionators

RK2 Systems Protein Fractionators (also called foam fractionators or protein skimmers) are a proven technology that is applied to remove suspended and dissolved wastes that other conventional filtration devices cannot remove.

Foam Fractionation or Protein Skimming is the removal of proteins, dissolved organics, and total suspended solids from water. Unlike other forms of mechanical filtration that only trap debris and waste, Foam Fractionation or Protein Skimming, actually removes or strips it from the water.

This process is carried out inside of a Foam Fractionator or Protein Skimmer by injecting air, in the form of tiny bubbles, through a column of water creating an air to water interface. In general, the smaller the bubbles the more effective the foam fractionation or protein skimming process is. This is because smaller bubbles have more surface area while occupying the same volume of water as larger bubbles. This mixture of air and water is injected towards the bottom of the Foam Fractionator or Protein Skimmer and allowed to travel up through the incoming organic laden water. Due to the natural charges of these organic molecules, they are either repelled or attracted to the air/water interface. These molecules can be described as hydrophobic. Large numbers of small bubbles present an enormous air/water interface for molecules to collect on the bubble surface (the air/water interface). This process continues until the bubbles increase near the top of the water column inside the foam fractionator or protein skimmer, they become denser and the water begins to drain and create the foam that will carry the organic molecules to the waste collection cup and the organic molecules will be exported from the water.

Whilst removing waste RK2 Systems Protein Fractionators simultaneously oxygenate the water, degass CO2 and can act as an injection point for ozone.