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UV Sterilisers

The Next Evolution of UV sterilizer

Pure Aquatics offers RK2 Systems UV Steriliser’s to suit any application.

Xflo UV sterilizers come in sizes from 18 watt to 300watt utilizing low pressure high output T5 lamps.

Pro-Tect UV Sterilizers range in size from 160 watt to 2560 watt utilizing low pressure amalgam (ALH/AUH) and high ouput (HLH/HUH) UV lamps.

RK2 Systems UV Steriliser’s – Know What You Are Purchasing – All Quotes Are Not Equal

One of the primary jobs the sales and marketing team at RK2 and Pure Aquatics with relation to UltraViolet (UV) water treatment systems-is customer education. ‘Why is that?’ you may ask. Unfortunately, while the concept of UV treatment appears simple, the actual application of the technology is anything but. In fact, capable OEM suppliers take great care to ensure that the customer is able to meet their actual treatment needs, in all practical operational scenarios, today, and as the system ages.

In many cases a potential customer may notice that one quote for a UV product may come in at a significantly higher cost than that of another. Good news, right? Lowest bid wins!

Well, perhaps the company that provided the lowest bid wins, but the real loser may be the customer. In the UV treatment industry, as in many others, it is the hidden or unknown factors that can greatly impact whether your system actually delivers the intended UV dose, or ‘treatment’, or not. In fact, UV water treatment is such a complex technology that the USEPA and other regulatory bodies worldwide have standardized sizing and application regulations for municipal drinking water and waste water.

While aquaculture does not abide by regulations per se (there are regulated aquaculture applications in some countries), capable OEM suppliers use these regulations as guidelines to ensure that the customer has the treatment they require when they purchased their UV system-to ensure adequate protection of their investments at all times.

fort a reliable and accurate sizing, contact RK2 and Pure Aquatics for sizing of RK2 Systems UV Steriliser’s.