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SolarWise Comet & Miracle Heat Pumps

Comet and Miracle Heat Pumps

Both the Comet and Miracle Heat Pumps are imported from China and are then fully checked and tested here in Australia by our qualified technicians and refrigeration mechanics. These are very high quality heat pumps that meet our high standards.

Heat pumps draw sun-warmed air from the atmosphere and transfer the heat to your system, maintaining a desired temperature. This process is highly efficient, requiring minimal amounts of electrical input and subsequently lowering the amount you need to pay for electricity. The advanced cells store power when the sun is shining for you to use when the weather is more grim. SolarWise have the largest range of options available from 6kW up to 430kW.

We take the time to assess your situation because there are many options and making the right decision based on how much you want to spend and what you want to achieve can be quite complex.