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Solarwise MEE Heat Pumps

Pure Aquatics are proud to supply the range of Solarwise Heat Pumps. Solarwise is recognised as a leader in the Energy Conservation Industry and specialize in the supply and installation of Heat/Chill units.

SolarWise Heat Pumps are proven to be 35% more efficient in comparison to other popular heat pumps. Even on cloudy days, throughout the night, or when the temperature has hit zero, heat pumps can be sized to keep a system at your target temperature.

Heat pumps draw sun-warmed air from the atmosphere and transfer the heat to your system, maintaining a desired temperature. This process is highly efficient, requiring minimal amounts of electrical input and subsequently lowering the amount you need to pay for electricity. The advanced cells store power when the sun is shining for you to use when the weather is more grim. SolarWise have the largest range of options available from 6kW up to 430kW.

The products feature titanium heat exchangers for resistance to corrosion and stainless steel casings for a long and rust-free life.

We take the time to assess your situation because there are many options and making the right decision based on how much you want to spend and what you want to achieve can be quite complex.

Heat Pumps (More Energy Efficient, MEE)

This advanced technology was developed in 2015 and even received a research and development grant from the Queensland Government and is proudly designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Australia to continue work in this space. As such, the MEE is really the cream of the crop when it comes to heat pumps and is top of the range for our more discerning clients residentially or more specifically for commercial applications. The MEE saves a great deal on running costs and because of its longer life, more trusted performance and overall efficiency it is worth the extra capital expenditure initially as it will pay for itself in a short period of time.

Less Power Usage With More Efficiency

The compressor talks to the EC fan and the fans ramp way down, reducing energy consumption by around 28% and stopping the Compressor safety HP from cutting out. The fan will automatically achieve the desirable air flow. No changing water flow, no altering refrigerant. It works correctly all day and everyday for 365 days each year.

This reduces air output by 50% and will generally result in 45-50% less current draw.

Efficiency of heat pumps is usually expressed in COP (Coefficient of Performance). A heat pump with a COP of 4 means that the unit achieves 4 Kw of heating for every Kw of input power. At 15 ⁰C air temperature and 27⁰C system temperature average heat pumps have a COP of 4 to 4.2 Australian made or good imported heat pumps have a COP of around 4.6

Features of the MEE (More Energy Efficient) Also Include

800mm Diameter Fans for supreme cooling

Easy and accessible servicing

Separate lockable switchboard

Treated Coils and Components inside cabinet for longer lasting parts

Full Stainless Steel Case for a long lasting, protection system

The most efficient heat pump on the market

Made in Australia

Far quieter than any competitor (10db Quieter)

More Kw’s with less power