Titan Heavy Duty Heaters

Titan1500w Large Aquarium / Pond Heater (800-1500 litres), Simple Plug and Use operation, This Titan heavy duty heater is ideal for almost all aquatic environments and situations.

Ideal for submersible use in your tank or sump thanks to its fully heat guarded twin elements.

Simple to use LED Digital program stat that does not require the installation skills of a qualified electrician like most inline pond heaters. These heaters are generally over 50% Cheaper than any other submersible or inline pond heaters on the market today.

-Australian Plug
-Double Heating Units – Twin heater units with a single control panel and thermostat give users more precision, greater response and control.
-Multiple Heating Options – Choice of multiple heating options at the touch of a button. Select the desired heating option of 50%, 100% or Power off.
-Shatter-Resistant Quartz Glass – Shatter resistant quartz glass tube make this heater safe for all users as well as your aquatic livestock. This unit is waterproofed with double inner sealing designed to prevent water and electrical leakage.
-LED Water Temperature Display – Built-in LED unit displays current water temperature allowing you to monitor water temperature at a simple glance.
-Temperature Precision – The latest temperature control technology allows you to control the water temperature with increased precision (+-0.5C difference). The heating range is from 17C to 35C (heating only)
-Safety Auto-Off – The Titan turns off automatically when it is removed from water or when water temperature exceeds 35C.

Double Heating Units

  • 2 heating options, 50% or 100%
  • Shatter Resistant Quartz Glass
  • Fresh and Saltwater compatible
  • Temperature precision +/- 5 degrees Celsius
  • LED Temperature Display
  • Plastic cage for element protection

Available in:

600 watt

1000 watt