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Toyesi are invested in R&D and together with Pure Aquatics can now offer Toyesi heat chill units and environmental temperature and ventilation control solutions for your facility saving energy, water and equipment repair costs.

Heat Pumps – Heat/Chill units

When it comes to aquaculture heating or chilling, you can trust Toyesi has the ideal system to suit your application. Innovative and versatile, the Trident Series extensive range of aquaculture heat pumps offer superior flexibility of being configured quickly, making it the perfect solution to a variety of diverse domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
Easy to install and simple to maintain, you’ll find the Trident Series a pleasure to work with. Regardless of the site’s landscaping or site design, Toyesi has over 40 different model capacities from 6kW to 300kW and up in both outdoor and in-plant models; with either side or vertical fan discharge configurations available, and a choice of titanium heat exchange technologies.
This system offers many features found in Toyesi’s renowned high-end systems, including variable fan speed noise control, advanced refrigerant management technology and sophisticated state of the art digital logic controller option aimed at delivering enhanced operating efficiencies that maintain capacity during critical periods. They are uniquely designed in a slimline and compact chassis suitable for limited plant space requirements.
Be assured that installation, commissioning and maintenance issues are fully supported by our technical sales engineers, making Australia’s Trident aquaculture heater – chiller heat pumps the right solution for every kind of project.

Advanced Technical Features

Independent Temperature Control – Heating or Cooling
Heat and cool operational modes.
Multi-stage and/or capacity units.
Proportional water valve operation.
Programmable digital clock timer.
Placement outdoor or in-plant (room).
Indoor models can be built to provide:
Ventilation and waste air recovery.
Dehumidification and cooling (passive)
Auto-ventilate enclosures or plant rooms
Visible Alarm Fault Display with Safety Lockout
Defrost Mode Management of Compressors and Fans
Post-Defrost Forced Fan Residual Moisture Removal
On/Off Standby Mode via Digital Input Signal
Compressor Thermal Overload Protection
Heat Exchange Anti-Freeze Safety Protection
Dual Set Point Changeover Thermostat
Advanced Anti-Frost Refrigerant Management
Remote controller compatibility.


Energy Management System & Ducting, Perceive the savings, reap the benefits

With experience dating back to 1989 Toyesi has been building and designing Heat Pumps solutions to suit a wide range of problems.
One of these solutions was to use the pool heat pump in a special configuration and allow one unit to provide a multiple function system that can provide:

Energy capture & reuse
Ventilation – Active and Passive
Space Temperature control – space cooling
Some installations will provide reusable clean condensate water – great for top up tank water.
Passive dehumidification

Our range of PCVER indoor models are aimed at providing a comfortable environment by reducing both temperature and humidity within the enclosure, whilst recovering waste heat that’s typically exhaust ventilated from the enclosure.

Toyesi’s range of indoor heat pump models are capable of:

Economically heating one or multiple tanks and circulating water system.
Exhaust ventilating the aquaculture enclosure.
Semi-conditioning the enclosure by passively dehumidifying and cooling the recovered air.
Recovering waste heat from the enclosure to improve operating efficiencies.
Improving indoor air quality by ventilating and reducing humidity levels.
Minimising structural damaging effects of condensation.
Operating into extended periods due to lower noise emissions (ducted models only).
Set up as a dehumidifier and even Air-born waste water recapture and reuse.

PAS- Process Air Handling System

Are you frustrated because of your current split system air-conditioners breaking down, rusting electronics, shorting out, all due to high condensation and room moisture?

Rusting components
Mildew & mold buildup
Constantly changing circuit boards
Water damaged wiring and parts.
Not able to maintain ideal temperatures
Constant downtime
Large service and maintenance bills due to frequent ongoing service needs.

Process Air System (PAS) Internal Tropicalised Environmental Conditioning System is the solution for you.

Through the invent of our PCVER System designed to provide Process Circulation, Dehumidification, Energy Recapture and reuse of not just water but of air supply as well.
We were able to utilise the lessons learnt from our PCVER System to give life to our New Range of Process Air Handling Systems or PAS Units.
Our PAS Units have eliminated or significantly reduced and addresses most of the issues associated with Wet Room Air Conditioning and can suit a variety of applications including:

PAS Units Applications:

Wet Rooms
Aquaculture Spaces
Wash Down Bays
High Humidity areas
Back rooms in Aquariums
Cool Rooms
Science or research labs
Built for Australian Horticulture, Aquaculture & Aquarium Projects in Mind

Features & Benefits

PAS Units are genuine commercial grade Air Handling Systems and not just not Air-Conditioners.
With critical components kept well away from the internal space, the PAS Units can maintain a wet and humid environment, utilising advanced reverse cycle heating and cooling technology to economically maintain the internal environment without all the headaches and maintenance issues.

Other features and benefits include:

Space Dead Band temperature control
Reverse Cycle Air heating and chilling
Remote Digital Controller
Packaged or Split systems
Suits high condensation areas
Electrics outside and not effected by internal moisture build up.
Long Lifecycle – designed to outlast traditional air-conditioners in damp, humid or wet areas.
Variety in Sizes – With various sizes to suit most applications.
Easily Serviced & Readily available parts
Auto Temperature Equalizer System.

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