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VAKI focuses on fish counting, grading and size estimation. The common feature in all products is to offer the user accurate information to facilitate planning and decision making. VAKI systems raise the level of automation and contribute towards increased efficiency.

Vaki Counters

Extensive range of counters that bring together the best technology and the demands from our customers.

vaki graders

Accurate grading while minimizing the impact on the fish.

vaki fish pumps

Accurate grading while minimizing the impact on the fish.


Very gentle on fish – fish in water at all times
High capacity
Precision control
Easy to set-up and move around site
Reduced labor costs and eliminating the need to lift heavy nets and buckets

vaki systems

Overview of all cages in real time, in order to maximize productivity and ensures optimal decisions.

vaki cloud

VAKI Cloud is a web application that provides the user with an overview of detailed information and data from VAKI counters. Data from VAKI counters are created during each counting session, and are moved to a remote database. The VAKI Cloud web application enables authorized users the ability to view these data from anywhere, at any time. The VAKI Cloud is an extremely valuable tool that is utilized by commercial fish farming operations worldwide.

smart flow systems

The Smart Flow System enables the users to gather and store information about all measured fish for easy comparisons of size and number. This facilitates the optimization of every operation as VAKI devices can be controlled and fine-tuned using Smart Flow in order to achieve high levels of efficiency and accuracy.

hatchery systems

Fully integrated and compatible with all species the Hatchery System is the fastest and most accurate, pump, grade and counting system available.