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VAKI Systems raise the level of automation and contribute towards increased efficiency. Since 1986 VAKI has provided customers with innovative products delivering quality and value to our growing customer base.

Hatchery System

Fully integrated and compatible with all species the Hatchery System is the fastest and most accurate, pump, grade and counting system available.


Pump self primes then fish are drawn into the pump from up to 3m below. 3″ to 6″ flexible lines can be used – recommend clear PU hose.

Fish are pumped into the grader. Recommend clear PU hose.

Fish are graded into up to 4 grades. Recommended rigid pipe from grader to counter.

Individual grades are counted by Macro Range counters. Recommend rigid pipe from counter to tanks.


Available as 6″, 8″ and soon 10″ pumps.

Very gentle on fish
Fish size from 0.2g to 400g
High capacity
Self priming up to 3 meters
Wireless remote control
Use with 3” to 6” hoses
Maximum combined lift of 8 meters
Horizontal transfer of fish over 500 meters
Stepless speed control
Easy to set up and move around site

Smart Grader

Designed for high speed grading of small fish
Very gentle on fish
Accurate grading of fish from 0.2g to 200g
High capacity
4 grades
Height adjustable
Variable speed


Macro and Micro Counter

Accurate counting of fish down to 0.2g
Over 98% accuracy
Up to 200,000 smolts per hour
Average weight and size distribution
Images are saved for verification of the counting
Counting report from the computer
Multi channel options
Wellboat version available


VAKI SmartFlow

The SmartFlow System enables the users to gather and store information about all measured fish for easy comparisons of size and number. This facilitates the optimization of every operation as VAKI devices can be controlled and fine-tuned using SmartFlow in order to achieve high levels of efficiency and accuracy.


SmartFlow can inter-connect with all VAKI products.

Provides optimized control and electronic fine-tuning

Allows for remote monitoring on mobile devices

Fully integrated and compatible with all species

SmartFlow also enables dynamic size grading of fish, in two modes:

Preset % for lowest grade

Balanced biomass in all grades


Enables higher quality and accuracy of farm operations

Collects and stores valuable stock information

Provides grading based on biomass or actual count

Easy access to highly valuable information

Logging for future reference and tracing

Preventive maintenance scheduling based on duty cycle



Automates the regulation of fish density to enhance grading / counting accuracy. The process is fully automated.


The counter measures the speed of flow and sends the information to the pump in order to regulate the pumping speed of the water and fish to prevent overload of grader / counter.


The feedback loop between the counter and grader can relieve the user from having to monitor the grading process manually and can result in an optimal distribution achieved between each grading category.


The counter measures both size and number of fish that passes through the grader in each grading categories. The counter can thus estimate the relative size distribution category.


Automatic reporting system of all measured fish available along with the counting file containing the images of all the fish.

By integrating a feedback loop between the grader and the counter, both slit and rotation settings of the grader can be adjusted to reach the optimal quantity of fish in each category.
As an example, if an equal biomass distribution is preferred between all categories, the counter will adjust the grader so that the category with e.g. small fish receives the largest number of fish to adjust for the relative weight difference of each individual fish.

VAKI Cloud

VAKI Cloud is a web application that provides the user with an overview of detailed information and data from VAKI counters. Data from VAKI counters are created during each counting session, and are moved to a remote database. The VAKI Cloud web application enables authorized users the ability to view these data from anywhere, at any time. The VAKI Cloud is an extremely valuable tool that is utilized by commercial fish farming operations worldwide.

Main function

Backup and data security

Quality control

Download documents and reports

View older counts