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Pure Aquatics, our affiliates and suppliers offer a range of equipment, design and consultation services for waste water treatment systems.

We can supply waste water equipment, design and consultation services for Waste water treatment systems such as:



Solids thickening, concentration, de-watering and treatment

BOD and COD reduction

Drum filter wastewater remediation

Aquaculture wastewater remediation for reuse and discharge

Sterilisation by ozone and UV

DAF – dissolved air flotation by Foam Fractionation

Aeration systems

Pure Aquatics range of products for wastewater treatment include –

AST Recirculating Polygeysers (RCPG) for ammonia, BOD and TSS removal

AST High Profile Polygeysers for solids concentration and denitrification

Bead filters for drum filter wastewater treatment

Constructed water gardens, reed beds and Aquaponics systems for nutrient reduction and utilisation

Post treatment system for sterilisation, clarification and treatment before re-introduction to the culture system

Pre-filtration systems for incoming water treatment

Ozone generators and contact vessels for clarification, removal or dissolved waste compounds and sterilisation 

RK2 Foam Fractionators for fine solids removal

UV Sterilisers for algae and disease control

Aeration system for degassing, oxygenation, water circulation, de-stratification and extensive water remediation