Aquaculture, Industrial and domestic wastewater treatment

Pure Aquatics, our affiliates and suppliers offer a range of equipment, design and consultation services for waste water treatment systems.

We can supply waste water equipment, design and consultation services for Waste water treatment systems such as:

  • Nitrification
  • De-nitrification
  • Solids thickening, concentration, de-watering and treatment
  • BOD and COD reduction
  • Drum filter wastewater remediation
  • Aquaculture wastewater remediation for reuse and discharge
  • Sterilisation by ozone and UV
  • DAF – dissolved air flotation by Foam Fractionation
  • Aeration systems
Waste water treatment systems

Pure Aquatics range of products for wastewater treatment include –


Foam Fractionators – DAF

MBBR media

UV sterilisers

Bead filters – Nitrogen, BOD and COD treatment

Colorite Aerotube, Oxygenation and mixing

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