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YSI Continous Monitoring systems

It has never been easier to monitor and control your water quality than it is with the YSI Continuous recirculating Monitors.

With YSI’s recent development of the Aquaviewer 2 App remote monitoring and alarming is now at your fingertips.

YSI Continuous recirculating Monitors


Monitoring and controlling with the 5200A, 5400, and 5500D is managed locally by the instrument, not at a central PC or PLC. This provides security that an entire system won’t fail.


Easy to use with low cost of ownership. User-scalable as your facility changes, unlike typical PLCs or DCPs. No engineers or programmers needed to change or add to the system.

Multiparameter and multilocation capability.

With the ability to measure virtually any parameter using a variety of probes at multiple locations, you can design a total facility solution.

Feed management.

Feed Smart™ conditional feed timer software is included with every monitor. Very powerful feeding capabilities interface with most powered feeders.

Improved management tools.

With AquaManager®, you will have access to quality data (water quality parameters, event logs, etc.)
to better manage your operation and improve efficiency. SMS and email alarms quickly notify if parameters exceed user-defined limits. Data can be easily accessed remotely using AquaManager.


Mix and match monitor and control instruments as well as expansion modules for flexibility in designing a system to best meet facility needs.

Sustainable Aquaculture

YSI Continuous recirculating Monitors
YSI provides cost-effective monitoring and sampling solutions.

Ensuring a successful and sustainable aquaculture business with environmentally friendly practices begins with an accurate and reliable understanding of water quality parameters. Without an accurate understanding of growth conditions, “crop” health can suffer and improper feeding habits may be used, ultimately resulting in disappointing production levels, high input costs, water pollution and even disease. YSI Continuous recirculating Monitors help you to maintain control of your farming opperations.

Effective Monitoring

YSI Continuous recirculating Monitors
Multiparameter monitoring, feeding management, and alarm notifications can optimize an aquaculture environment.

YSI has all the tools necessary to effectively monitor and manage your aquaculture operation. YSI’s spot sampling handheld water quality instruments allow for a quick check of water conditions, while our continuous multi-parameter and DO monitors can aid in process control for your entire facility. YSI monitors can assist with your operation’s feeding cycle via our Feed Smart™ timer and aid in the overall management of your facility with the facility mapper included with AquaManager software. AquaManager also allows you to easily view real-time water quality conditions remotely via PC or through the AquaViewer app. Additionally, alarms can be set when conditions fall below user-defined standards, quickly alerting facility management of the condition so they can respond quickly to the change in conditions.