YSI ProSwap Handheld Monitoring

Swap one smart sensor for another with the ProSwap digital water quality meter giving you the ability to focus on the parameters you need! Featuring built-in temperature and optional depth sensors, the ProSwap can transform into whatever you need: a purpose-built turbidity meter or a high-accuracy optical DO meter; a spot sampling pH meter or a profiling conductivity-temperature-depth system

Connect any ProDIGITAL integrated probe/cable assembly to the ProSwap handheld or any ProDSS digital water quality sensor to the ProSwap cable. Sensors and cable assemblies are user-replaceable with cable lengths ranging from 1- to 100-meters.

Available Parameters & Sensors

Ammonium ISE
Chloride ISE
Nitrate ISE
Optical Dissolved Oxygen
Total Algae – PC
Total Algae – PE


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