YSI Aquaculture Monitoring Solutions

YSI Water quality monitors

YSI Water quality monitors offer the best in monitoring and data acquisition. YSI provide a complete range of handheld monitors, continuous monitors and benchtop water quality analysis options for your monitoring needs.

Pure Aquatics continue to work with YSI monitoring products as we have done for over 15 years. We trust that YSI offer superior products for our customers monitoring needs, and we continue to utilise YSI’s quality monitoring solutions, support and technology for this reason.

Pure Aquatics offering of YSI monitors for the Aquaculture Industry are featured in the following 3 ranges from YSI.


YSI Ecosense Handhelds

The EcoSense® brand of instruments includes four handhelds and three pen-style testers.

Ecosense monitors incorporate years of proven sensor technology into a economical option for water quality monitoring and data acquisition.

Years of Research have gone into the development of the EcoSense range for one purpose —

To provide a wide range of under served markets with affordable, compact water sampling instruments that deliver the best quality data possible.

EcoSense products provide accurate data, lasting durability, and affordability as defined by low cost of ownership and reduced need for maintenance.

EcoSense instruments have been equipped with only the most fundamental of features to deliver on this

There is no excess, which means no extra costs and no added complexity. Just a new family of products with proven, easy-to-use technology for sampling in just about any environment.

YSI Professional Series Handhelds

The YSI Professional series Handhelds are not a refinement of old technology. The Professional Series of handhelds comes straight out of the imagination of our customers!

Designed to be tough and smart in the lab or field. Extremely versatile, the Professional series monitors accommodate a wide combination of YSI Pro Series cables, sensors, and accessories.

The Professional Series monitors cover all of your monitoring needs in one range.

Whatever you need…the Professional series monitors have you covered

YSI continous monitor/controllers

YSI continue to be a leader in the supply of continuous monitor/controllers. The YSI 5200A, 5400 and 5500D family of monitors provide solutions for continuous monitoring and control for your entire facility.

The YSI continuous monitors can be controlled and data viewed at the monitor, via Aquamanager software and now on the all new Aquaviewer 2 app.

With YSI’s wide range of expansion models and inbuilt features (such as the feedsmart technology) automation, control, data acquisition and alarming are now available in one package that is easily linked together in a variety of combinations to suit almost any application.