Pure Aquatics chosen range of Aquaculture Pumps have been carefully selected to meet criteria that makes them suitable for extended use and reliability In RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems). Pumps are the heart of the RAS system, they must be robust, reliable, corrosion resistant and energy efficient.

Pure Aquatics offers several brands of pumps to meet various applications, price points and duties.

Some of the brands we represent and supply as Aquaculture Pumps are:

– Speck Pumps




– Performance Pro


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Speck Pumps

Aquaculture Pumps

Speck pumps have a range of saltwater compatible medium to high head pumps suitable for general applications.

Speck pumps offer good energy efficiency from a quality Australian made pump.

Pumps in the Speck Range:

  • Magic Series up to 250lpm
  • Super 90 Series up to 550lpm
  • 43 series up to 580lpm
  • Ultra High performance series up to 1300lpm

Speck Pumps Webpage

Iwaki Magnetic Drive Pumps

Aquaculture Pumps

Iwaki magnetic drive pumps set the benchmark for reliability, longevity and corrosion resistance.

For applications demanding higher pressure than normal, corrosion resistance such as saltwater environments or water streams with abrasive material, or less than ideal ambient environments, Iwaki pumps are the pump for your application.

Iwaki have a vast range of pumps for many different applications, flow rates and pressures, the two ranges we most commonly use are:

  • MD series up to 120lpm
  • MX series up to 750lpm


Iwaki Pumps Webpage


Aquaculture Pumps

Grundfos pumping solutions offer a vast range of pumps for a variety of flows, pressures and chemical requirements.

Pure Aquatics have been applying Grundfos pumps for many years and with our industry partners can offer accurately sized, effective solutions utilising Grundfos hardware.



Aquaculture pumps

RK2 have been working with top manufacturers of high efficiency Aquaculture Pumps for many years. RK2 offer a range of high efficiency pumps on their Foam Fractionators and for duty pumps.


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