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Pure Aquatics is dedicated to the aquaculture industry providing products and services to all areas including commercial, educational through to research.  We thank all our valued customers below with entrusting us with these projects below.  We are very proud to have played a part in either establishing new facilities to upgrading or expanding well established ones.

Current Projects

Arc-en-ceil trout farm

Mallacoota Abalone ltd - Expansion

csiro - pompano system Expansion

australian university canberra - xenpous racks

a&B Seafoods - Live seafood holding facility - lobsters

Past Projects

CSU - rack system

ornatas - tropical rock lobster production

csiro - pompano system

south coast mariculture - wet storage facility (mussels & oysters)

saltas RAS Upgrades - wayatinah & florentine

macquarie university - seawater research facility

houn/biomar - salmon feed trial unit

mallacoota abalone ltd - Abalone holding system

barramundi discovery centre


Gaden Trout Hatchery - Rack System

Ridleys 5200's aeration

de costi/tassal prawn farm proserpine

monsoon - cairns & darwin facility upgrade

huon valley seafood urchin hatchery

mugenuni sea urchin culture facility

Dolphin marine conservation centre seal holding pen & water supply intake upgrade

taronga zoo maintenance & water treatment

king reef seafood degasser

limestone fishermans co-op lobster holding system

monsoon bundaberg initial system design and expansion

macquarie university - guppy rack

macquarie university - zebrafish facility upgrade

humpty doo broodstock & nursery upgrade

myanmar public aquarium

ausfish china consultancy