Arc-En-Ceil Trout Farm – Production Facility Upgrade

Arc-en-ceil TF had been impacted by the recent drought, floods and fires and are undergoing upgrades without their facility.  Pure Aquatics are working closely with Arc-en-ceil to upgrade the fish production systems, including:

  • upgrading their water supply filtration but adding a Radial Flow Separator to improve particulates removal and Low Head Oxygenator (LHO) with oxygen concentrator.
  • Upgrading fry raising tanks
  • Upgrading from earthen ponds to a Mixed Cell Raceway.  What is likely the first of it’s kind in Australia, this unique RAS will provide significantly improve control over and increased productivity of their growout production systems with a low energy and easy to manage system.
  • Water quality monitoring system to link it all together

More information to come as the construction is completed.

Collage image — Pure Aquatics in Waychioe, NSW