Aquaculture Bacteria


Micro+ Aquaculture Probiotic Bacteria

Micro+ aquaculture probiotic bacteria is a blend of several species of probiotic bacteria that assist in the control of disease, assimilation of waste and biological remediation of aquatic environments. At Pure Aquatics in Port Macquarie, we grow these bacteria to ensure you get the most stable and pure cultures available. Each strain is grown individually and carefully blended in sterile conditions under laminar flow to ensure the purest culture, free of contamination with the ultimate in bio-security in mind. 

Previously, the use of multiple specialised probiotics containing different strains of microbes for different purposes was required (waste assimilation, seeding internal gut flora in hatcheries, disease prevention). We have isolated the strains that perform all of these functions and blended them into one easy to use inoculum. 

Our team has developed micro+ aquaculture probiotic bacteria with economy of use in mind. Micro+ has been developed to allow “blooming out” pond side. The blooming process turns 1 litre of micro+ treating 1,000,000 litres (1 megalitre) into 1,000 litres of product that will treat up to 100,000,000 (100 megalitres) depending on your desired CFU/ml dose per pond. Pure Aquatics provides customised dosing regimes and support specific to your farm and pond requirements. 

Benefits Of Micro+ Aquaculture Probiotic Bacteria

  • Suppression of pathogens 
  • Produces antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal compounds 
  • Heavily antagonistic to vibrio and bacterial diseases such as aeromonas, columnaris, streptococcus and myxobacteria 
  • Production of enzymes such as amylase, protease, pullulanase, chitinase, xylanase, lipase and hydrolase 
  • Produced and bottled in a sterile laboratory for ultimate biosecurity 
  • Digestion of excess proteins, starches, pectin and other waste products 
  • Regulation of phosphate and nitrate cycling: Increases uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus by plants and animals within the culture system 
  • Suitable for aquaponics systems: Micro+ stimulates production of plant hormones, forms symbiont bonds with plant roots and boosts plant immune systems 
  • Reduction of ammonia and nitrite 
  • Denitrification of nitrate to nitrogen gas 
  • Regulation and promotion of biofloc formation and a valuable and nutritious source of biofloc protein 
  • Population of gut flora resulting in better internal disease resistance, stimulation of immune response and better nutrient utilisation in both prawns and finfish 
  • Breakdown of excess food, faeces, dead algae and vegetable matter, starches, fats, lipids and cellulose 


NMI+ Aquaculture Nitrifying Bacteria 

NMI+ is produced and bottled in a sterile laboratory for ultimate biosecurity. NMI+ is used to inoculate or condition biofilters quickly and effectively. NMI+ contains unique strains of microbes that perform both ammonia and nitrite oxidation. Pure Aquatics have isolated these strains and blended them to create a superior nitrifying microbial mix to allow you to start your systems quickly and reliably. NMI+ aquaculture nitrifying bacteria is suitable for both fresh and marine culture systems. It is safe for fish, crustaceans, molluscs and invertebrates. 

Dose Rate Guide: 
Biofilter Inoculation – 1ml Per 100L 

When seeding biofilters, you can pre-condition your biofilter by applying NMI+ and specific nutrients in a fish-less cycle prior to stocking. Pure Aquatics bloom nutrient mix is a source of naturally derived nutrients, trace elements and minerals that significantly boosts the growth rate of nitrifying bacteria. Use bloom along with ammonium chloride and sodium nitrite for an effective fishless cycling regime. 

Fishless cycling requires that ammonia and nitrite levels are maintained at suitable levels to culture the nitrifying bacteria. Continually measuring and increasing the amount of ammonia added daily will accelerate bacterial reproduction and development on the biofilter media. Apply the recommended amount of bacteria to your biofilter and then add ammonia and nitrite sources to maintain levels of between twofive ppm of ammonia and nitrite. Quantitative dose rates are based on the daily consumption of nutrients and applied accordingly. Pure Aquatics provides support during your biofilter start up phase to ensure daily dosing is maintained to develop a strong biofilter in the minimum amount of time.