Drum Micro Screen Filters are the industry standard for solids and TSS removal in Aquaculture applications. Together with our partners, Pure Aquatics offer accurate sizing of drum filters applied to specific applications and TSS levels whilst offering only the best in design and quality.


Trome Drum Filters

Trome Drum Micro Screen Filters are the industry standard for pre-filtration, solids and TSS removal in Aquaculture applications.

Together with our partners, Pure Aquatics offer accurate sizing of drum filters applied to specific applications and TSS levels whilst offering only the best in design and quality.

Trome Drum Micro Screen Filters offer a range that suits the smaller end of the market, opening up drum filtration to the smaller operator, quarantine and purging systems and research systems

Trome build HDPE drum filters that are completely saltwater compatible (also available with freshwater backwash pumps), their ability to construct smaller drum filters opens the technology to smaller application that would otherwise have to utilise filter matt or filter socks.

TM1 – 5,000LPH – 7,500LPH with 60 micron screens

TM2 – 15,000LPH – 20,000LPH with 60 micron screens

TM3 – 30,000LPH – 40,000LPH with 60 micron screens

TM4 – 60,000LPH – 75,000LPH with 60 micron screens

Trome was founded end 2013, inspired by a need in the aquaculture sector.

Drumfilters are used for many years in commercial fish farms where flow rates are multiple times higher. Most drumfilters on the market are designed for these larger RAS’s. These drumfilters are not suited for smaller and small scale RAS as can be found in research environments, hatcheries etc. Trome aims at these smaller RAS and with the TM1 the advantages of a drumfilter are now in reach of even the smallest RAS.

The new design, based on 5 years of experience in the field, together with the well thought combination of materials (HDPE, stainless steel, POM,…) results in a high quality, reliable and price efficient drumfilter that can be used in both freshwater and seawater environments.

Thanks to our extensive experience in aquaculture and that of our distributors, Trome will gladly advise you to ensure that the drumfilter best suits your needs.

Np Innovation

NP Innovation – Drum Micro Screen Filters

Although NP Innovation is a new company, our history is extensive. In fact, the company founders developed much of the microscreen market. Together we can demonstrate unrivalled experience and track record.

It all started in 1984, when CEO Nils-Åke Persson was a consultant engineer, designing solutions for fish farms. However, the available filtration technology wasn’t adequate, and Mr. Persson had a vision for how he could improve it. To make this vision reality he founded Hydrotech, and just a year later his first microscreen filter became an instant success in the fish farm industry. Five years later he released the drumfilter, which became equally successful. In 1995 the company released its next innovation, the game-changing discfilter microscreen, mainly targeting the municipal water treatment market.

Finally, after almost 20 years of successful innovation, Nils-Åke Persson sold his company to the American group US Filter in 2002. Two years later he left the company and his position as CEO.

In 2013, Nils-Åke Persson and his partners returned, founding NP Innovation, and reclaiming their position in the field of microscreen filter development.

NP Innovation’s wide range of Drum Micro Screen Filters and disc filters for larger applications allows Pure Aquatics to cover larger installments.

With models to suit TSS level from <10mg/L to over 50mg/L and drum diameters from 500mm to 2000mm (and up to 10 screen sections), NP Innovation can specify a drum filter for your specific application.


Trome Drum Screen Filters

Pure Aquatics is proud to be the representative for Trome Drum screen filters in the Australian and New Zealand market.

Trome offers a complete range of drumfilters for each application and solution. Trome offers a superior drum filter built from HDPE for the ultimate in compatibility with both salt and freshwater applications, because of this, Trome is able to offer you a high quality and price efficient drumfilter.

Drumfilters remove solid particles from a water flow entering the filter and are used in many different sectors.
Compared to other solid removal techniques, the major advantages are its small footprint, ease of use, low maintenance, reliability and its fully independent and automatic operation.

Thanks to our extensive experience in aquaculture, Trome and Pure Aquatics will gladly advise you to ensure that the drumfilter best suits your needs.


Closed Drum Micro Screen Filters

NP Innovation Drum Filter

NP Innovation Drum Filters are now available to the Australian and New Zealand Aquaculture industry through Pure Aquatics.

NP Innovation is a company dedicated to the development of water treatment solutions for aquaculture, industrial and municipal applications. Building on 30 years of experience, the pioneers behind the applications for microscreen technology are back to once again change the industry. Improvements comprise design as well as manufacturing, reducing costs for investments, operations and maintenance.

NP Innovation Drum Filters are a mechanical, self-cleaning microscreen filter designed for high performance in water-treatment systems where it’s essential to minimize particle break-up. The NP Drumfilter is ideal for use in aquaculture applications as well as industrial and municipal water and waste-water treatment. The filter design ensures careful handling of solids, essential to achieve the high filtration efficiency required in many applications.

The improvements cover both the design and manufacturing stages, improving filtration performance whilst lowering investment, as well as operating and maintenance costs.

To ensure the highest standards of quality and quick delivery periods, all design work and manufacturing takes place in Sweden.


The development work leading up to the new NP Innovation Drum Filters covers the basic design principles, as well as a large number of detail refinements. For example:

  • Drum design with support shaft and slide centre bearings at each end – improved structural integrity, reduced over-all weight and long life bearings help reduce investment and operational costs.
  • Increased drum length-to-diameter ratio – provides an increase in peak solids loading capacity.
  • Peripheral drive arrangement with lubricant-free non-metallic chain – reduced stress on the drum structure and drive arrangement, leading to reduced maintenance costs.
  • Choice of modular filter panel designs: pg panel with polypropylene grid for applications where delicate solids are lifted into the backwash trough by the grid structure, and the mr panel with 15% larger effective filter area, ideal for municipal tertiary treatment applications.
  • Single grp access cover with stainless steel gas struts and safety switch – enhanced safety and access in service and maintenance.
  • Improved control panels – maximized energy efficiency with frequency controls for both motors and human-machine interface (hmi) allowing simple programming for site-specific parameters and data archive and analysis.
  • Modular design – increases manufacturing efficiency leading to reduced initial purchase cost and improved delivery periods.
  • Integral emergency bypass – avoids the costs of an external bypass structure and protects the drumfilter from overloading.


  • Freestanding stainless steel tank version.
  • Stainless steel frame version.
  • Grp tank version.

Drum and Disc Filter Prefilter Screen

Further improvement and efficiency from NP innovation comes in the form of a motorised pre-filter screen.

The pre-filter screen is designed to remove pellets and feces as quickly as possible to prevent disintegration in the system and adding load to the drum filter, reducing backwash frequency. It is also useful to the operator to monitor overfeeding.

The screen is a 1mm wedgewire screen and is cleaned with rubber scrapers.


2000 MM DIAMETER: Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 sections

1600 MM DIAMETER: Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 sections

1200 MM DIAMETER: Sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 sections

800 MM DIAMETER: Sizes: 1, 2, 3 and 4 sections

600 MM DIAMETER: Sizes: 1 section only

NP Discfilter 19-Series

The new NP Discfilters, the 19-series is based on the same modular design as our successful NP Drumfilter series, plus new developments to adapt the disc filter technology for aquaculture criterias. These developments sets the NP Discfilter to the most optimized disc filter solution on the aquaculture market.

The filter has a number of filter media discs attached to a drum. The 19-version is provided with filter cassettes of a well-proven design that also simplifies maintenance and the possibility to change filter openings, if required. The filter is rotated by a helical-worm gear motor via a lubricant-free chain, driving on the peripheral of the center drum. This feature reduces stress on the drum structure and drive arrangement, leading to lower power consumption and reduced maintenance costs.


NP Discfilter is a mechanical self-cleaning filter for removal of suspended solids, specially designed for aquaculture applications. The influent (brown arrow) enter the filter drum and is distributed into the disc segments by gravity. The filter media attached to the discs separates the solids from the influent and allows the filtrate (blue arrows) to pass through. The separated particles are removed with the backwash system and is flushed into the sludge trough (red arrow).

NP Discfilter is available in three different versions:



The tank version is a free-standing filter whereas the framed version enables installation in concrete channel.


Size range and material used for 19-Series

Disc filter models are available from 4-16 discs. The filter cloth is normally made of polyester or stainless steel if required. The filter opening can be chosen from a wide range, normally from 10 to 100μm.

Material: Stainless steel EN 1.4301, EN 1.4404 or EN 1.4462 (Duplex)

The cover is as standard made of GRP.