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AST Aquaculture Bead Filters

AST Aquaculture Bead Filters – Bioclarifying aquaculture and wastewater filtration

Aquaculture Systems Technologies (AST) is the world leader in bead filter technology for recirculating aquaculture systems, ponds and wastewater.

AST Aquaculture Bead Filters combine mechanical and biological filtration in one powerful unit, minimising footprint and maximising filtration power.

Rely on AST and Pure Aquatics for your water treatment needs

Bubble Bead filters for light loads

Propeller washed bead filters for intensive loads

Polygeysers for high waste and biological loads and Denitrification

Recirculating Polygeysers for high strength wastewater

Pure Aquatics – The Home of AST in Australia and New Zealand

Bubble Bead Filter (BBF)

The Bubble Bead Filter (BBF) is the entry level bead filter for lower stokcing densities and feed loads.

An easily back washed filter requiring no additional air pump, you can backwash this filter in a tuxedo.

This filter is best utilised on ponds, aquarium systems and lightly loaded aquaculture systems.

Propeller Washed Bead Filter (PBF)

The Propeller washed bead filter (PBF) is the workhorse bead filter for heavier feed rates and stocking densities.

These filters can handle higher pressures, higher ammonia levels and higher feed rates due to their more aggressive backwash.

Utilising a propeller driven by a motor mounted on top of the filter, the more aggressive backwash allows better control of the biofilm thickness and more waste to be removed at backwash time.

Polygeyser Bead filter

The Polygeyser comes in several variants but they all rely on the same backwash mechanism, Pneumatically triggered automated backwash.

With the automated air backwash, flow does not need to be stopped.

Back-washing can be set to certain intervals depending on loading and more frequent backwash’s means higher ammonia removal, greater solids removal, and better water quality