Aquaculture Tanks


Get The Right Tank for Your Needs

At Pure Aquatics, we work with a range of aquaculture tank suppliers around Australia. With hundreds of aquaculture tank designs, volumes and colour schemes to choose from, there will be a tank to suit your application and geographical location. 

Pure Aquatics proudly supply a large range of fibreglass aquaculture tanks. Hundreds of standard designs and moulds—complimented by a willingness to cater to individual needs and geographical location—guarantees you, the client, total satisfaction every time. 

We’re based in Port Macquarie and service throughout the Mid North Coast, all over Australia and worldwide. Call us today on (02) 6585 2421 to learn more about our range. 

Fibreglass Aquaculture Tanks

75 – 260,000 litres storage capacity tapered tanks are designed to achieve total drainage. They are ideal for many hatchery or industrial applications. Capacities range from 75 litres right through to a very large 260,000 litre tank. Lids are available for most models and are priced on request. The tapered tank range is available in a wide range of colours and with the option of three stand designs: 

  • PVC/FRPf pipe support legs (suitable for tanks up to 3,000 litres) 
  • FRP box design integral leg structure (suitable for tanks up to 23,000 litres) 
  • FRP skirt – sand or metal dust filled (mainly used on 100,000 litre tanks and larger) 

450 – 260,000+ litres storage capacity flat base circular tanks are an economical option for open top storage. The flat base range of tanks are available with side or central drainage (central drainage requires a pipe channel in base). Larger tanks are supplied in two of more sections to allow for economical freight options. Custom design sumps and skimmer box assemblies are available on request. We offer flat base circular tanks in a wide range of colours, as well as lids (priced on request). 

500 – 11,000+ litres storage capacity. Our hemispherical tank range ensures there are no dead spots and water circulation is excellent. Ideal for commercial aquaculture and hatchery applications. Custom sumps and skimmer box assemblies are available on request. Available in a wide range of colours. Lids are available and priced on request. 

5,000 – 20,000+ litres storage capacity. The parabolic design is very popular and is used in most prawn hatcheries. This space-efficient hatchery tank design has excellent water circulation qualities and provides total drainage into a sump or raceway. Lids are available and priced on request. These tanks are available in a wide range of colours with a variety of outlet sizes and designs. Air pipe brackets are also available and quoted on request. 

100 – 30,000+ litres storage capacity. Our space-efficient rectangular tank designs are used for industrial or aquaculture applications where every bit of space needs to be utilised. The long, flat wall sections means that the tank laminate design is much heavier and the cost per litre is more expensive than circular tank options. Custom built raceways are available on request. Lids are available and priced on request. Plus, these tanks are available in a wide range of colours with a variety of outlet sizes and designs. 

250 – 2,000+ litres storage capacity aquaponics grow beds are available in several standard sizes; however, a custom design and manufacture process enables us to meet your needs every time. Our innovative modular grow bed design allows components to be manufactured at our factory, shipped economically, and then long lengths assembled on site. A custom design and quotation service is available at no cost, just contact us. A variety of outlet sizes and designs are available. 

All tanks are custom designed, engineered and manufactured to meet specific client needs. Most of the large tanks supplied have involved careful planning to ensure the required onsite completion process is carried out in a very professional manner. Clients include Reef HQ and A.I.M.S in Townsville, Sydney Aquarium, Melbourne Aquarium and many other smaller aquarium specialists.  

A range of rectangular raceway tanks are available and any of your requirements will be quoted on free of charge.  

Pure Aquatics proudly supplies Duraplas Poly aquaculture and aquaponics tanks. Whether you require a single tank or multiple tanks for a large project, there will be a Duraplas Poly aquaculture tank for your needs. 

Pure Aquatics supplies the easy to assemble AQUA-TANK which collects beneficial rainwater from your roof gutters to use for watering your plants. It is equally suitable indoors. Grow happy, healthy plants, reduce water bills and play your part in helping the environment. In the off-season, the AQUA-TANK can be folded up neatly. It can then be brought out again when your garden needs it the most in the warmer months. AQUA-TANKS are of the highest quality to withstand the elements and the harsh Australian sun. AQUA-TANK is very popular with the hydroponic and horticulture industries as reservoirs and nutrient tanks due to their high quality and reliability.