Wastewater Processing

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Wastewater Processing

Whether it be aquaculture or industrial at Pure Aquatics we supply a number of products utilised in waste water processing
such as drum & Disk filters filters filter media and mechanical filtration. Contact us on (02) 6585 2421 or email sales@pureaquatics.com.au

Elements To Consider

The purpose of a fish nursery is development, so it’s important to do all you can to allow your fish to thrive. You should ensure your fish are fed a high-quality diet and kept in clean water, as contaminants can cause disease and be very harmful to young fish. 

Some species of fish will spend more time than others in the nursery before they are ready to move on. Generally speaking, fish will spend between a few weeks to a few months in this stage. Once a fish has reached a suitable size and is healthy enough to survive in a more challenging environment, it’s ready to move on from the nursery. Reach out to our team to discuss your requirements—we develop fish nurseries to suit a range of clients. 

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