Humpty Doo Barramundi – Broodstock and Nursery Upgrades

System upgrades and development was undertaken for HDB at the Darwin Aquaculture Facility.

Hatchery – Pure Aquatics upgraded the incoming water UV with 2 x RK2 Xflo 150watt UV’s.  Also applied a filtration system to 2 x Larval Tanks, consisting of a Glass Media Filter, 1m3 MBBR media filter, Heat Pump for Temperature Control and UV for disinfection and customised degassing units on each tank.

Broodstock – Modifications to 4 of the 20,000L tanks at DAC were undertaken and fitted out with individual filtration systems, consisting of PPM (Porous Media Filters), a new type of bead filter using specific filtration media inside a modified sand filter vessel, UV’s, Solarwise Heat Pump and Pure Aquatics customised HDPE Protein Fractionators.

Collage image 7 — Pure Aquatics in Waychioe, NSW