Macquarie University – Zebrafish Facility Upgrade

This honestly was one of the most pleasing of the projects we have been involved with.  We were approached by Macquarie University to modify their facility of aging AHAB DUO Zebrafish Research Rack Systems, to update for greater research security and to improve and optimise operation and maintenance.  Following careful consideration and collaboration with the management of this facility, a number of actions were undertaking, including linking of 2 of the DUO racks so they performed as one and also removed the old filtration systems and combined 6 racks of tanks, so that they were all on one custom built larger filtration system.  This filtration system uses a TM2 Trome HDPE Drum Filter, customised HDPE Sump, Iwaki Mag Drive Pumps that service AST Bubble Bead Biological Filter, Degassing unit, FSI Bag Filter Vessels, RK2 UV, paddlewheel flow meter which is linked to the VSD on the tank return pump so that it automatically ramps up and down to maintain a the target flow rate.  YSI5200 Recirculation System Monitors were applied to each system, monitoring DO, pH, Cond, Temp and including Total Gas Pressure, data logging for research efficacy.  They dose to control temperature, conductivity and pH, alarming for water flow, pressure, all water parameters locally and importantly remotely via the AquaVeiwer II App for peace of mind.

Over the many years I we have been building RAS systems, mostly we work on fish food related production/culture systems.  This facility focuses it research on Motor Neuron Disease and we hope that this facility and in the small part we played, in someway helps find a cure.