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PG PolyGeyser

Superior Biofiltration

The self-automated backwash process requires no moving parts or electronics.

The PG Polygeyser Bead filter has been under development for several years, the patented PolyGeyser® technology is capable of handling ammonia loads 50% – 100% higher than standard bead filters at a fraction of the water loss and head loss.

The innovative backwash process of the Polygeyser prevents caking and clogging – keeping your day-to-day operations moving along smoothly. The backwash is gentle, keeping the biofilm intact while allowing the system to operate for long periods of time with no maintenance.

PG Polygeyser Bead filter Benefits:

Automatic backwashing – these filters clean themselves

PolyGeyser has been tested and proven for over 20 years

Optional Airlift offers additional energy savings

Superior biological filtration 1.5x that of Bubble Bead filters

The biofilm remains protected from frequent backwash cycles

Simple design has no moving parts to break

Water loss is reduced – only concentrated sludge is removed

PolyGeyser® Bead Filters are the newest addition to Aquaculture Systems Technologies’ line of Bead Filter Technologies. The patented PolyGeyser® Bead Filters (U.S. Patent # 5,770,080 and 6,517,724, European Patent # 0977713B, and Canadian Patent # 2,287,191) utilize the same filtration mechanism as all of our bead filters namely water from the aquatic system passes upward through the packed bed of plastic beads. The beads capture the solids, while simultaneously providing a large surface area (400 ft2 /ft3 ) for the attachment of nitrifying bacteria which remove dissolved nitrogenous wastes. Bead filters are excellent clarification units, capable of maintaining display quality water at high waste loading rates. Studies have shown that Bead Filters capture 100% of particles > 50 microns and 48% of particles in the 5-10 micron range per pass.

Under development for several years, the PolyGeyser technology exploits the biofilm protection provided by our Enhanced Nitrification (EN) Bead Media. Additionally, the PolyGeyser® Bead Filters offer a very high degree of reliability and are virtually resistant to clogging and caking by virtue of the fact that they backwash automatically using no moving\ parts or electronics. As a “bioclarifiers” the PolyGeyser® are capable of handling ammonia loads 50 to 100 percent higher than standard bead filters, at a fraction of the water loss and head loss!

PG Polygeyser Bead filter