Aquaculture system design specialists

Pure Aquatics are aquaculture system design specialists. Pure Aquatics supply equipment from the most reputable companies worldwide, employing the latest technology and expertise to the aquaculture industry.

From system equipment sizing and supply through to full system design, consultation and installation, Pure Aquatics, along with our industry partners and suppliers are committed to finding a solution to fit your needs.

Pure Aquatics offers retrofit, upgrades, equipment or complete systems for:

Incoming water pre treatment utilising Ozone, foam fractionation, pre-filtration and UV

Complete RAS plants for culture of a variety of fish and shellfish

Drum filter backwash remediation systems

CO2 control

Biological filter systems in a variety of designs

Aeration systems for RAS and pond systems

Oxygenation systems, including oxygen concentrators and LHO’s

Wastewater treatment systems

Much more

Check out our projects page for updates on our projects.

For more information about how we can help, call Pure Aquatics – the Aquaculture system design specialists 

Our design capabilities do not end with RAS plants either, Above is an early conceptual drawing of a wastewater treatment system consisting of BOD treatment, denitrification, phosphorus removal and ozone addition to treat water for re-use in a culture system.

We work closely with out industry partner AST to deliver solutions such as these utilising the latest in filtration technology.

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