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Pure Aquatics Air drier assembly

The Pure Aquatics air drier assembly is for use for pre treatment of air for ozone generators and oxygen concentrators.


Twin clear 10″ housing

Flow rate up to 10lpm

Course inlet filter

1 micron pleated Pre filter

Silica desiccant indicator gel cartridge with 1kg of media (changes pink when saturated)

3/4″ female fittings for flexible installation option

Ozone generators: If running an ozone generator on air, it is important to filter the incoming air and strip moisture from it to prevent production of nitric acid, prevent damage to the corona cell, and increase output. Oxygen Concentrators: In some applications excess moisture can be present in the air that can cause premature exhaustion of sieve beds in oxygen concentrators, by filtering the air to 1 micron, excess dirt, dust and salts are minimised increasing the efficiency of the oxygen concentrator, the addition of the desiccant media strips moisture from the air further protecting the seive beds in the oxygen concentrator.