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Water circulation is an effective strategy to mix high-oxygen surface waters with low-oxygen (anaerobic) bottom waters.

The Brio Circulator is a workhorse circulator that you can rely on.

The Brio Circulator is perfect for small to medium sized water bodies with a total volume of between 5 to 10 Megaliters. The Brio Circulator maintains constant water movement between the waters surface and the bed aiding in mixing, destratification, circulation and aeration. The submersible motor unit provides direct drive to twin propellers (180mm in diameter) rotating at 1400 RPM.

The Brio Circulator is a heavy duty mechanical unit which is designed for continuous operation in both fresh and salt water environments. Because of its simple direct drive design, in general terms, the Brio Circulator has a very low maintenance requirements.

The Brio Circulator can be supplied with an easy to install lightweight floating design providing adjustable motor depth and orientation.