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RIO circulator

Water circulation is an effective strategy to mix high-oxygen surface waters with low-oxygen (anaerobic) bottom waters.

Designed to handle larger sized water bodies with a total water volume of greater than 10 megalitres the Rio Circulator maintains constant water movement between the waters surface and the bed aiding in mixing, destratification, circulation and aeration. The rotational operation of the large three-bladed propeller provides power through a 15:1 reduction gearbox, allowing it to rotate at 115 RPM.

The Rio Water Circulator is a heavy duty mechanical unit which is designed for continuous operation in both fresh and salt water environments. Because of its simple direct drive design, in general terms, the Rio Circulator has a very low maintenance requirements.

The Rio Circulator comes supplied with an Australian-sourced frame and float configuration and is installed via 3 x 4 mm stainless steel mooring cables shackled to static points on the water bodies bank. It can also be supplied as a motor only for a completely submerged installation, mounted on a structure or concrete slab where it is desirable to completely ‘hide’ the unit.