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Man — Pure Aquatics in Waychioe, NSW
Man — Pure Aquatics in Waychioe, NSW

Cost Effective Aquatic Solutions

From complete aquaculture systems to feeding and cleaning products, filters, aeration products, tanks, maintenance and a whole lot more, Pure Aquatics is the team to call. We’re passionate about providing cost effective and realistic solutions for the commercial aquatic industry and hobby farmers alike. Based in Port Macquarie, we operate throughout Australia and across the globe. Having quality equipment and industry expertise is imperative in designing and implementing the ideal aquaponic set up for your requirements. You can count on our extensive product range and reliable service to deliver exactly what you need. For all enquiries, get in touch with our team today on (02) 6585 2421.

What We Do

At Pure Aquatics, we offer:

We have exclusive access to a range of industrial products. Once we’ve got what you require, we can send it your way, or pay you a visit to install it for you. From industrial grade fish farms and research set ups to small hobby tanks and more, we cover all aspects of aquaponics.
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