Optimising Mbbr Performance – Tech Tip Series Episode 1

Welcome all to our first instalment of many of our information series. We hope to provide you with information, design recommendations and general operational guidelines to help you get more out of your Aquaculture facilities. Technology evolves at a rapid pace in the Aquaculture Industry, and MBBR’s are no exception. MBBR’s or Moving bed biological reactors are like […]

Friction Loss, Plumbing and Pump Selection

Friction loss, plumbing design and pump selection in Aquaculture. A subject that often adds confusion and complexity to pump sizing, and if not calculated properly can cost you A LOT of money in running costs. We have put together some examples of pump friction loss to demonstrate how useful this can be in saving you […]

Powerful Water Quality & Biosecurity Control

Why consider Ozone use in Aquaculture? 150 times more powerful than chlorine. 3,500 times faster acting than chlorine. Ozone use in aquaculture is widespread, its uses include incoming water treatment, system water quality maintenance, improvement of solids filtration devices, and wastewater treatment. Vastly improved water clarity Improved light penetration Decrease or removal of stain and […]

Ysi Aquaculture Continuous Controllers for Water Quality & Facility Control

The YSI Aquaculture continuous controllers range includes the YSI 5200A, 5400 and 5500D. This range allows full monitoring and control of your aquaculture system either recirculating or pond culture. Additionally the YSI IOEM (input/output expansion module) and the YSI REM (relay expansion module) allow even further customisation. Furthermore, utilising the IOEM and REM, monitoring of […]

Ast Bead Filter Solutions

AST Bead filter Solutions from Aquaculture Systems Technologies have long been the pioneers in bead filter design and construction, bringing you the Bubble Bead filter, Propeller Washed Bead filter, and the Polygeyser. They have recently been working on a recirculating Polygeyser for high BOD and high waste loads for treatment of effluent and wastewater. AST […]

Uv Steriliser

At Pure Aquatics, we have noticed several alarmingly undersized UV’s being applied into the industry of late, and together with RK2 and their release of the RK2 Ultraviolet Sterilisers range, we have put together some useful information for you to help identify what you need to get the result you are paying for. Lamps – […]