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Pro-O2 Max Oxygen Concentrators

Introducing the Max Series of Oxygen Concentrators

The Max Series of Oxygen Concentrators is the solution for any industrial/non-medical Oxygen Concentrator Applications.


 Built in a lightweight Aluminum Cabinet, providing a durable housing unit that protects the circuitry and compressor from the outside environment.
 Available in both 115 Volt/60 Hertz and 230 Volt/50 Hertz configurations.
 Comes in 5, 8, or 10 Liters Per Minute (LPM) arrangements.
 Designed with a built-in moisture separator to remove any water vapor before it enters the sieve beds. This increases not only the purity of the oxygen provided, but also maximizes the lifespan of the sieve bed module.
 Spring-Mounted Thomas Compressor to help reduce both the vibration and overall sound of the machine.
 Compressor sits atop 2 fans that help keep the operating temperature inside the box to a minimum while also allowing for easy venting of exhaust gases through the bottom of the unit.
Has two removable side cabinets, designed to allow easy servicing and accessibility to any part of the machine.
The Max Series has both a replaceable cabinet filter, which is designed to minimize the chances of environmental debris from working its way into the machine, as well as replaceable compressor inlet filter that acts as a secondary screen against particles from entering the compressor.
 Comes equipped with a proven Modular Sieve Bed design, in which one cylinder is constantly supplying purified oxygen while the other is venting the captured nitrogen.
 Oxygen Purity for the Max Series is 90.0 (+5.0/-3.0) % purified Oxygen.
 Oxygen passes through an Oxygen Sensor attached to the circuit board and measures the purity of the oxygen via ultrasonic waves. If the purity were to drop below 85.0%, the board will alarm to alert that there has been a drop in the purity.
 A loss of power alarm is standard on all Max Series machines, which is triggered if the machine were to unexpectedly lose power.
Attached are 4 rubber skid-proof feet, guaranteeing a machine that does not slide or tip easily, while also allowing for the removal of the feet, for the ability to mount the machine to any stable surface.
 Machine weighs 62 pounds, or 28.13 kilograms, once it is completely assembled.
 Dimensions of the machine are 22.6 × 10.5 × 26.8 inches, or 57.4 × 26.7 × 68.1 centimeters.
 Outlet pressure for the various machines are as follows:
 Max 5 LPM = 7.0 PSI/ 0.483 Bar/ 0.477 ATM
 Max 8 LPM = 15.0 PSI/ 1.034 Bar/ 1.021 ATM
 Max 10 LPM = 19.0 PSI/ 1.31 Bar/ 1.293 ATM
 Machine has been tested to and is compliant with IPX-1 Water Ingress Testing